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Technical Talks

Technical Talk USM [Download PDF]
Globalization and Challenges faced by Future Graduates/Engineers by  Ir. Professor Academician Dato’ Dr. Chuah Hean Teik

TechTalk in KDU Activities Report [Download PDF]
Activities Report of Test Engineering and Development of Semiconductor Devices Technical Talk by Mr. Sivarama.

TechTalk AI in Games Research [Download PDF]
Artificial Intelligence in Games Research by Professor Graham Kendall.

Technical Talk 42 [Download PDF]
Introduction to Ergonomics by Professor Claire O’Malley & Dr Glyn Lawson.

Technical Talk 41 [Download PDF]
Technology and Standard for Virtual-view 3D Systems by Prof Hsueh-Ming Hang.

Technical Talk 37 [Download PDF]
The Internet, the Web and the Future of Everything by Dame Prof Wendy Hall, University of Southampton.

Technical Talk 07 [Download PDF]
Recent trends in the field of Design for Testability By Professor Andrew Richardson, Lancester University.

Last updated on Wednesday, 20 July 2016.